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Poplar Spring Water is a pure, clean and healthy spring water that is low in Total Dissolved Solids. Check out our chemical analysis.

Compounds In the Water Poplar Springs FDA Limits
Arsenic   0.05mg/g
Calcium ND NA
Chloride 1 250.0
Fluoride ND 1.3-2.0 mg/l
Sulfate 12.6 250.0
Iron ND 0.3 mg/l
Lead ND 0.005 mg/l
Magnesium ND NA
Mercury 0.0011 0.002 mg/l
Nitrate ND 1.0 mg/l
Pesticides   NA
PH 5.16 NA
Sodium ND 21.13
Total Dissolved Solids 94 500 mg/L